COMPANY INK By Kat Colburn Review!!! @readkatcolburn



Company Ink

Kat Colburn


Office intrigue takes on a whole new meaning in this story of love, friendship, and the secrets hiding behind boardroom doors…

The Company has a rule about falling in love on the job.

I’ve never been one for rules. But I need this one. I need this rule to remind me why I can’t be with Dani Wallace.

I need this smart little foul-mouthed fighter by my side more than I need her in my bed. I need her to close this massive deal. She thinks it holds the key to her escape from cubicle hell and another shot at the life she always wanted. 

But there is more riding on our success than she can possibly ever know. So I’ll keep my hands to myself and my secrets safe for one more day.

But now I can’t stop wondering what my best friend has on beneath her conservative suit. I can’t stop imagining the things that sharp mouth of hers could do to me if I leaned back in my chair and unzipped my pants. And I can’t stop pushing our flirting too far.

I’m trying to remember the rule. But some rules are made to be broken.







I just love being surprised by a new book and author! Kat Colburn’s Company Ink is your perfect read if you are looking for something fresh and fun with a little angst. This is the authors first novel and I must say I am impressed.   This is an in-office romance that could have been just like so many others, but it’s not. Her ability to write from both characters POV is something not all authors are able to do, but she kept me intrigued and wanting more with every chapter.  Excellent read and I look forward to see what Kat C0lburn’s will be writing next.


About the Author

I’m a new indie author and this is my debut novel, Company Ink. It’s a standalone, slow burn, friends to lovers office romance.

Fun fact about me – I’m not a fan of puns. Unless I am the one making the pun, and then they are the most hilariously witty form of humor ever.

Company Ink had many different titles over the course of my writing. All were pithy and witty puns. All were hilarious. Unless you ask my boyfriend or any of my beta readers. Or most likely anyone else on the planet besides me. Then they were groan worthy, a polite chuckle at best, titles from an author grown drunk on the belief in her own cleverness.

To make me choose a title for Company Ink that was not a horrible pun, I had to be wrestled into submission. Not literally, but it almost got there. At least the threat of headlocks and pile drives were made.

So here I am writing my second book, and I can tell you the working title is even funnier this time. And even punnier. Because I am just so clever.

I am nowhere near the title choosing phase with book number two, but there is a wrestling ring being set up in my living room as I type. And I think I hear whisperings of an intervention from the other room amidst the groans. Many, many groans.

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