FINDING TREASURE (Hill Country Secrets #3) By Pamela Humphrey Review


FInding treasure

Finding Treasure

Hill Country Secrets, Book Three

A seemingly innocent encounter changes her dream life into a nightmare.

Settled into her Texas home, Kate launches her genealogy business, and Alex racks up miles on his truck, driving to Schatzenburg every chance he gets. When a young, wealthy guy buys the house down the block from Kate and lavishes her with attention, it leaves Alex questioning the motive.

Although she is happy, Kate wants more than a dinner-and-a-movie relationship. With her birthday only weeks away, Alex wants to surprise her.

When she is targeted but has no idea why, he moves into her extra room, only to learn he can’t always protect her.

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This third book is Alex and Kate’s happily ever after, but not without complications, of course, you know Alex and Kate, nothing is simple for them.  Except their love.  I love Alex and Kate together and their friends, Becca and DJ.  In this book we meet Marisa, Alex’s sister.  She’s similar to Alex, but more mysterious.  You know she is hiding something, but just not sure what.  You definitely need to read the first 2 books.  The first 2 books are amazing and you will be lost in this book without them.

This book, like the first two, are written in alternating perspective and includes letters form the past. I love how she ties the past to present so seamlessly.

I am looking forward to DJ and Becca’s book coming out next!



Author Bio:

Pamela Humphrey is an amateur genealogist and researcher of family stories. When she is not searching records for traces of the past, she might be writing, reading, crafting, or homeschooling. She lives in San Antonio, Texas, with her husband, sons, black cats, and leopard gecko.


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