BEDROOM HYMNS by Morgan Reeves Review!!! @authormreeves @InkSlingerPR

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Author: Morgan Reeves
Genre: Dark Romance
Release Day: October 11th


About Bedroom Hymns

They took me, broke me, remade me in their image. I am branded by their twisted ambitions; martyred by their greed. They ground me down until I was everything they wanted and more, and at the end I thanked them for it.




They forced me to love them, and then they cast me aside like yesterday’s trash. But they taught me to be the best. So that’s exactly what they’ll get.

Because in the end…

Revenge is sweeter than love.

And they’ll never see me coming.

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This is a DARK book. If you are faint of heart or just don’t like dark romances, move along. Bedroom Hymns made me pause more then once. It was heavy. It was bold. It made me feel some kind of way (I am not sure what that is lol). Honestly, I am still questioning how I feel about this story. I know that the writing was amazing. Morgan Reeves is a new author to me and the girl can write. This was one twisted story though. I am still trying to process the ending. You know what? I am leaving my review at that. I  liked it. A lot. Bedroom Hymns was seriously difficult subject matter that spoke to me in some weird, obtuse way. Fans of dark romance, read it!

* Sorry for the strange review, but I am afraid to give something away. There are so many plot twists that I could seriously ruin the book for you. Take my opinion for what it is and make your own decision 🙂



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About the Author

Morgan Reeves is the author of the Never Ever After series. When she isn’t writing, Morgan chases around two energetic minions and tries to convince her loving husband that a miniature pig would make a great pet. She is also extremely fond of iced tea and hot coffee. You can find her books on all major retail sites, and she always loves to hear from readers so feel free to send her a message through Facebook at Morgan currently lives in Raleigh, NC.

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