BELLE by Anonymous Girls Review!!! @AnonGirlsXOXO


Dear Reader,

Isabelle “Belle” March is a nobody. A nothing. A Peasant. No one even knew who she was until one of the Royals, Adam “Beast” Castle, decided she was hot enough to ignore the hierarchy at our school—a hierarchy I myself set in place. I run this school, and the Upper East Side, too. Here at H.E.A., we stick to a strict social status, something most of Manhattan does, too. So when Beast starts dating Belle? All hell breaks loose.

Royals shouldn’t date Peasants, and you’re about to see why.

Oh, and please don’t buy this thinking you know how this story is going to end. You know nothing. Nobody here at H.E.A. plays by the rules, or follows the books. The only one who knows anything around here is me…

And I’m not telling anyone a thing.




When I first started Belle, I was really afraid that I would not be able to switch off the Disney aspect of the book.  I was overthinking a little in the beginning so the book started out really slow for me. I am not sure where it happened, but I found myself addicted to the story line and the spoiled royals.

Belle was a nobody, a bit naive and quiet, until Adam, aka The Beast, sets his sights on her. Let me tell you, I really wanted to like Adam but in the end I just wanted to punch him in the throat. Prescott was endearing and definitely Belle’s “Prince Charming”, although I am not sure where the story is going to go in the next book because a TON of drama happened in this one.

I love the thought of the goody-goody names associated with the characters that we know and love belong to stuck-up, rich, mostly horrible young brats. It is fun to see them in a different light.

If you are not a YA reader, this one may not hold your attention. I thought is was good fun and can’t wait to see what Anonymous Girls come up with next!

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