GROUPIE by M.E. Carter Release Day with Review!!! @AuthorMECarter @SBelleBookBlog

Title: Groupie
Series: Juked #2
Author: M.E. Carter
Release Date: Nov 4, 2016
a person, especially a young woman, who regularly follows a celebrity in the hope of meeting or getting to know them.
See example Tiffany Wendel:
Whore.  Slut.  Cleat Chaser.  I’m used to the names so they don’t bother me.  These are my boys.  My friends.  So what if I like to have dirty sex with them? My body is no one’s business but mine.
Why is Rowen Flanigan making me re-think how I live my life?  Making me question my choices?  He’s only a rookie.
a member of an athletic team in his first full season in that sport.
See example Rowen Flanigan:
Player.  Son of a legend.  Rookie.
Sure, I’d heard the stories of the groupies before.  Who hasn’t?  I’ve just been more sheltered than my teammates.  So what?  I didn’t expect her to be smart. Witty. Kind.  She brings me to my knees in every way – except one. 
That part?  I’m saving until the time is right.
So how in the hell did I end up falling for a Groupie like Tiffany?  And how in the hell is this going to work when everyone at my job has had a piece of the one thing I haven’t?
Groupie was a tough read emotionally for me – I am really not sure why. I loved the writing style, the plot, and the characters. Honestly, I was quite captivated by the storyline. A Groupie falls for the Rookie on the team who just happens to be a virgin  –  yes, please!
Tiffany and Rowen are great together. He grounds her and she loosens him up. I think that I had my hardest time wrapping my head around the fact that Tiffany wasn’t really afraid to lose her job as a sports producer or that her “scandalous” outside work activities weren’t revealed sooner. I really think so was so naive because of her age and caught up in living in the moment that she didn’t really stop to think about it. I kept thinking beyond the book. Things like “what would have happened to her if Rowen hadn’t come along?” and “would she regret her choices later in life if he wasn’t in it?” I was really worried about her state of mind if Rowen wasn’t her grounding source. I think this is what captivated me the most – the what-ifs?
Rowen is perfect, plain and simple. Tiffany often thinks that she doesn’t deserve him but I truly believe in many ways Rowen believes that her does not deserve her. He is such a sweet soul. I adore his relationship with his parents. His Da should have his own book – just saying 🙂
This is a sweet and sexy read that really made me think about the groupie lifestyle- something that I never really thought about before. I encourage you to read it and fall for Rowen just as I have!
My name is ME Carter and I have no idea how I ended writing books. I’m more of a story teller (the more exaggerated the better) and I happen to know people who helped me get those stories on paper.
I love reading (read almost 300 books last year), hate working out (but I do it anyway because my trainer makes me), love food (but hate what it does to my butt) and love traveling to non-touristy places most people never see.
I live in Houston with my four kids, Mary, Elizabeth, Carter and Bug, who was just a twinkle in my eye when I came up with my pen name. Yeah, I’ll probably have to pay for his therapy someday for being left out.


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