TREASURE ME by Michelle Louise Review!


Amidst planning for a wedding, twenty-nine year old Daphne Fields, reaches a crossroad that leaves her facing a life-changing decision. Adjusting to her new responsibilities as the owner of the Treasured Tea Cup, she is caught off guard by a flannel shirt with a hammer.

Teetering in an unhealthy relationship, thirty-four year old Curtis Dean meets his new client Daphne, which aids in angling his decision toward a different future. His time spent on the renovations in the Tea Room does far more than just enhance the foundation.

In the town of Truesdale, follow the flourishing romance of two people as they explore new friendships, past relationships and their struggle with timing. This heart-felt journey will prove that love is fragile and should always be treasured.



Michelle Louise, as always, did a fabulous job sweeping me away with the beautiful love story of Daphne and Curtis in Treasure Me. I enjoyed this book very much because it was a perfect character assemble and the story line wasn’t far-fetched. It was heartwarming, sweet and sexy. The author’s writing was easy – flowing and light, which makes this book an idyllic little treasure read.

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