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MATURE CONTENT WARNING: The Bayonet Scars novels are a dark and gritty romance series which features graphic sexual content, violence, and foul language that is intended for a mature audience. Each novel features a different couple, though it’s not recommended that they be read out of order due to the series story arc.




Death comes in Armani. Salvation comes in leather.

Principessa to the Mancuso crime family, Alexandra knows a thing or two about living outside the bounds of the law. Suffocated by the future her father has laid out for her, she makes a choice she can’t take back, changing the entire trajectory of her life.

Thrust into the dark and dangerous world of the Forsaken Motorcycle Club for her own protection, Alex finds herself faced with the last thing she needs right now: the man of her dreams. He’s sex in leather, the devil incarnate, and one hell of a kisser. But he’s also off-limits. Ryan Stone can be her friend, but he’s forbidden to be her lover.

Third-generation Forsaken, Ryan knows nothing other than life on two wheels, and he wouldn’t have it any other way. He enjoys the many privileges that come with the patch, and the only laws he recognizes are the ones set-forth by his club. That is, until who he wants more than anything isn’t allowed on the back of his bike —or in his bed. Balancing his desire for her body, and need to keep her safe, Ryan tries to keep Alex at a distance. Finally having made a choice for herself, she’s done hearing the word “no” and will push boundaries even Ryan himself doesn’t dare cross.

Love is never more tempting than when it’s forbidden.

Loneliness suffocates the heart. Acceptance breaks down walls.



I LOVE MC Books. The alpha male trying to dominate the sexy, sometimes innocent female, finding love through a lusty haze and the danger that threatens to consume them. Sign. Me. Up. Even better when it’s a series with interwoven characters and story lines.

The Bayonet Scars series begins with Ride the story of Alex, the mafia princess on the run, and Ryan, bad boy motorcycle man. They can’t keep their eyes off of each other but are forbidden to be together due to the laws of the club. They steam of the pages with their longing glances and sexual chemistry.

I really enjoyed the story but I found Alex a little trying at times. She was a sheltered girl, yes, but her crying at EVERYTHING really bothered me. I am glad she found her backbone when she really needed it.

Ride is a great start to the series which I would recommend that you read in order to appreciate the characters and story.




As a Lost Girl to the Forsaken Motorcycle Club, Nicole Whelan knows how to party. She’s not cut-out for relationships and her life is way too complicated for anything more than casual encounters. But one night when she falls into Duke’s bed at the clubhouse, he sees something in her that he can’t let go of—no matter how many times she tries to run.

Having been left to raise her teenage brother, Jeremy, she’s already got her hands full and isn’t looking for anymore complications. But Duke’s just watched his best friend fall for the only girl he couldn’t have, and then almost lose her so shortly after, shaking him to his core. Faced with his own loneliness, he’s more determined than ever to break down Nic’s walls and show her that he can be good for her; but he’s got a bad track record and she’s got a bad temper. Changing his ways isn’t easy when he’s not sure what he’s even changing for.

The violence and turmoil are at an all-time high, and Forsaken is in a vulnerable place when a twist of fate breathes new life into the club. It’s a much-needed beacon of hope for the embattled biker family, even if everyone’s not exactly on board. With Duke and Nic’s relationship already on shaky ground, and something even more important at stake, the Forsaken Motorcycle Club will fight like hell to keep their family together and whole.

Love is never more precious than when it’s new.



Thrash, the second installment in Bayonet Scars series, follows former Lost Girl, Nicole, and Forsaken member, Duke. We first see Nicole and Duke in Ride where Nicole becomes Alex’s friend. I really didn’t think I was going to like her but it turns out she has a fierce loyalty to her brother and a determination to keep him safe that won me over.

I enjoy the fact that I get to see overlapping characters in every book. I also like that we see the events from different points of view in every book.

The Forsaken story gets better and better with every book. I would recommend that you read in order to appreciate the characters and story.




With the looming threat from the Mancuso Crime Family, the Forsaken Motorcycle Club is preparing for a war that could destroy them. Grady, the club’s Sergeant-at-Arms, knows that love makes you weak, and he has zero interest in adding to his liabilities– especially now. He’s already got his teenage daughter who keeps him on his toes and a beef within the club that could fracture his relationship with a fellow brother for good.

For Holly Mercer, her life is finally getting on track and the last thing she wants is trouble from her hometown’s resident outlaws. Keeping her nose clean is easier said than done, when suddenly she finds herself embroiled in club business. Holly might like the idea of being with a real-life bad boy, but even being in the same room with tough-as-nails Grady flusters her.

When Holly inadvertently finds herself on Mancuso’s radar, she has two choices: trust that Grady will protect her, or continue to refuse the club’s help. Both roads are dangerous, but only one has the chance to damage her beyond repair.

Love is never more dangerous than when it can destroy you.




Rev is one of the best books of the series, hands down. Holly and Grady’s story really drew me in and made me feel connected to the characters. The plot really kept me interested and involved. Plus, it wasn’t a “usual” love story. Grady is tough as nails and Holly is such a sweet girl, I never would have thought they would be a good pair. Especially considering the fact that he has been seriously hurt before and thinks he never wants a relationship again. However, they are a great fit for each other, oddly.

I have to say that this book has a scene that is most definitely for mature audiences and it may have triggers for some. While violent, it was the most real and raw part of the series and I believe it has a place in the book to drive the story line. There is nothing gratuitous or uncalled for. It is extremely hard to read, so proceed with caution.

Again, I would recommend that you read in order to appreciate the overlapping characters and story.

Crush Final



Young love is always perfect. Until it’s not.

Cheyenne Grady is a total daddy’s girl to her bad-ass father, the Sergeant-at-Arms of the Forsaken Motorcycle Club. She’s funny, and kind, and she just wants that deep, earth-shattering love like her dad has with her school secretary, Holly. But Cheyenne’s been looking in the wrong direction, because the only good that can come from the way she looks at Jeremy Whelan is a lesson in heartbreak.

Jeremy always wanted to prospect for the Forsaken Motorcycle Club and wear the same patch as his father. When a life-long dream becomes reality, Jeremy realizes that the outlaw lifestyle is not for the faint of heart. Nor is it easy on relationships. He wants to be a good man, but temptation is everywhere.

Cheyenne is beautiful, and strong, and exactly what Jeremy could have forever. As long as he doesn’t screw it up.
Love is never more powerful than the first time.



I am so happy the Cheyenne and Jeremy get their own book! I am also happy that the author doesn’t immediately throw them into a “happily ever after.” While they are attracted to and have feelings for each other, they need time to grow up and find themselves before they are together.

Do I like all the heartache that Jeremy puts Cheyenne through? Absolutely not! But she needs to learn to stand on her two feet away from the club before she becomes linked to it again. I adore that bada** Jeremy becomes almost a gentleman around her. And Cheyenne shows that she isn’t afraid to put to task what her Daddy taught her, which makes her a bada** herself.

Again, I would recommend that you read in order to appreciate the overlapping characters and story.

Vow (1)






Alexandra Mancuso knows all about regrets. She talked to the wrong person and started a war that’s ravaged her newly adopted motorcycle club family and threatens to cost Alex her life. Now, she’s cautious with the commitments she makes.

Ryan Stone, road captain for the Forsaken Motorcycle Club regrets nothing—except putting Cub in danger one time too many. The Forsaken Motorcycle Club has a plan to end the war with the Mancuso crime family and they need everyone’s head in the game. But Ryan can’t focus on the club when he’s so distracted by a certain reckless brunette. She gives him everything except for what he really wants.

Today, he refuses to take no for an answer and maybe, just maybe, this time Alex won’t be able to stand her ground.

True love always defies the odds.




I think that this was my least favorite book of the series. While I like Ryan and Alex and enjoyed their story, I didn’t need more of Alex’s little girl lost whining.

Vow is a novella, super quick to read, so it has that on it’s side. I don’t think I would have read this otherwise. It did answer questions and give a little insight into their relationship, but I personally felt it really didn’t do anything to move the story forward.




Tragedy cuts deep. Revenge burns deeper.

The blood of their enemies coats the leather of their cuts and a trail of bodies lie in their wake, but the Forsaken Motorcycle Club isn’t done yet. Carlo Mancuso still needs to pay for his sins. Nobody knows that more than Ian Buckley, the Treasurer for Forsaken.

Ian prefers his pleasure mixed with pain and he’s only ever at peace when he’s doling out justice. Convinced that he’s too unstable and sadistic to take an old lady, he keeps his trysts, like all of his relationships, brief and anonymous. But with his club at war, and the stakes being so personal, Ian’s feeling the events around him more deeply than he expects.

Mindy Mercer is the sweet daughter of Fort Bragg’s most respectable cop. At least that’s how the town sees her. Very few people know the Mindy who hides her tracks and battles her cravings by lying to everyone around her. She thinks she has control of her addiction until she suffers an attack that leaves her searching for a way out of her own personal hell.

Mindy has never been more desperately in need of a savior and Ian has never seen a more beautifully destroyed creature in his life. Their attraction is intense, but their damage is extreme. Some scars never heal, and some people never get better.

Love is never more painful than when it can kill you.



This book…..sigh….Burn made the Bayonet Scars series for me. Mindy and Ian are both damaged souls. The two of them coming together is kismet. I love that the author didn’t just throw them together and – viola- they are healed. She went through the process with them; the ups and downs, the pain, the tears, the healing which ultimately lead to a shocking revelation and them falling in love.

This was a painful read but also extremely cathartic in terms of healing with the characters. If you have read the series in order (which you should), you understand why this process MUST occur. Ian and Mindy falling in love was beauty coming from tragedy and healing coming from true pain.

In my opinion, Burn is beautifully written. My number one book in the series.





Elle Phillips’s relationship with the Forsaken Motorcycle Club is strained, much like the relationship she had with her father, a Forsaken brother, before he died. The only piece of Forsaken that Elle wants to hold onto is their sergeant-at-arms and her former lover, Sterling “Bloody Knuckles” Grady. Unfortunately, Grady’s moved on and he doesn’t seem to be coming back. With her heart hurting over one man who’s died and another who’s practically dead to her, Elle throws herself into her work as a private investigator and tries to keep a low profile where the club’s concerned. But when a case comes along that she can’t refuse, she finds herself embroiled in club business in a way that leaves her questioning everything she thought she knew about Forsaken.

Diesel knows that keeping tabs on Elle Phillips is going to bring him trouble. He already loves her even though he barely knows her, but when Grady asks Diesel to keep her safe, he can’t say no. His patience has run out and he’s going to do anything to get Elle to realize he’s the man she’s been craving– even going behind the club’s back to help her solve a case she shouldn’t be working.

Real love is always the cure.



I really, really wish that Elle and Diesel’s story was full length. I have been dying to get to know the both of them. The fact that they end up together makes it even better! That beig said, I was really sad that their story was rushed and squeezed into a novella. I feel like there could be such an amazing story for both of them. I realize that this particular book is really just a set up for the next book (Haunt), but I feel a little cheated.

It was really only touched upon why Elle acts the way that she does. I was left a little confused about the insta-love aspect of the book. I would have loved their relationship to have a little more time and development then a road trip and some hot sex.

Again, read the books in order to better understand the story line and characters. I am really excited for Haunt to see where the story progresses from here!



About the author:

As a child, JC was fascinated by things that went bump in the night. As they say, some things never change. Now, as an adult, she divides her time between the sexy law men, mythical creatures, and kick-ass heroines that live inside her head and pursuing her bachelor’s degree in English. JC is a San Francisco Bay Area native, but has also called both Texas and Louisiana home. These days she rocks her flip flops year round in Northern California and can’t imagine a climate more beautiful.

JC writes adult, new adult, and young adult fiction. She dabbles in many different genres including science fiction, horror, chick lit, and murder mysteries, yet she is most enthralled by supernatural stories– and everything has at least a splash of romance.



twitter username jc_emery


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