TRANSPARENT by Erin Noelle Release Day with Review!!! @authorenoelle @InkSlingerPR

Her elusive past didn’t worry me,

Her heartbreaking scars never made me cringe,
And her haunting demons only made me a stronger man.
But the day Blake Martin was stolen from me,
I was scared to death.
Prepared to do anything necessary to get her back,
Little did I know it just might cost me my life.
My name is Madden Decker, and this is my story.
        This duo of books gave me a serious stomachache. I swear I went through a bottle of antacids while I was reading the two books. Erin should release a box set that comes with a bottle of Tums™. I ADORE books like this!!! Books that grip me and keep me turning pages are my favorite and without a doubt, Transparent had me in its clutches.
      Picking up where Translucent left off, we continue the story of Blake and Madden, fighting for their love through painfully scary circumstances. The storyline in both Translucent and Transparent is amazing. Erin’s writing is flawless and engaging. I felt the characters desperation, longing, and pain. Even the “bad guys” were great characters, finely woven into the story.
        You must read Book One, Translucent, for Transparent to make sense. One book flows directly into the other. You will not be able to put down either book, I guarantee it. I am having trouble letting go of Madden and Blake but I am happy where the story ended. Another great book from Erin Noelle!!!!
Sometimes you reach a point where you just can’t take any more — a breaking point, some call it.
The day I watched my husband murder the woman who was
pregnant with his child, my point didn’t just break, it exploded like a full
magazine’s worth of hollow points firing through the barrel of a
fully-automatic AK-47.
I am no longer his American Princess, nor am I his slave.
Now, I’m a murderer in hiding. My name was Bryleigh Carter Oliveira, and that was my story.
Translucent is one woman’s story of breaking free, starting
over, and learning to trust again through willful submission.


Erin Noelle is a Texas native, where she lives with her husband and two young daughters. While earning her degree in History at the University of Houston, she rediscovered her love for reading that was first instilled by her grandmother when she was a young child.

A lover of happily-ever-afters, both historical and current, Erin is an avid reader of all romance novels.

Her titles published include the Book Boyfriend Series, the Dusk ‘Til Dawn Series, Translucent, Conspire — co-authored with SE Hall, Surviving Us, MILF: Wrong Kind of Love and Spark.

Her books have been a part of the USA Today Bestselling list and the Amazon and Barnes & Noble overall Top 100.

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