OUR KINDA LOVE by Deanna Eshler Release Day with Review!!! @ddeshler

Release Blitz – Our Kinda Love (What Kinda Love book #2)



Title: Our Kinda Love (What Kinda Love #2)

Author: Deanna Eshler

Genre: New Adult Romance

Release Date: September 12, 2015


Keegan Hughes is a fiercely independent, and annoyingly honest, college senior who believes in the zombie apocalypse. Her “unique qualities” entertain her friends and, unfortunately, attracts the attention of her new neighbor, Adrian Elliott.

Having been left behind by other men in her life, Keegan vowed to never trust another guy with her happiness. She’ll take what she wants from them, but they only get what she’s willing to give. When Adrian slams into her life, he tramples all over her rules and boundaries, constantly throwing her off balance.

Keegan can’t deny her physical attraction to Adrian, but his hyperactive, slightly delusional personality, is very unlike her usual type—confident, tattooed, alpha male. When Adrian makes a proposal that could benefit them both, Keegan knows it’s a horrible idea, but can’t resist his plea for her help.

Neither of them are prepared for the storm that’s created when their two very intense personalities come together. Will Keegan get the hell out before Adrian destroys every boundary she creates? If she stays, can Adrian get through his own real-life demons to be the first man in her life to make her a priority?

This Romantic Comedy is the second in a series, but it is a standalone. Our Kinda Love is a spinoff on secondary characters from the first book in the series – Shy Kinda Love.


Purchase link for Our Kinda Love – Amazon Smashwords

Goodreads link for OKL – Goodreads

Purchase link for Shy Kinda Love (first book in the series) – Amazon



WOW.  I mean WOW! I loved this book! I thought I wouldn’t like it as much as the first (Shy Kinda Love), but I was really wrong.  If I could give it more stars, I would. Our Kinda Love is Keegan and Adrian’s story. Keegan is pretty damaged by men in her past leaving her, so she trusts no one. Adrian has his own baggage, his brothers whom he is responsible for. Adrian took on the responsibility of parenting at a young age, when he mother died and his father was an abusive alcoholic. These two definitely had some serious baggage to begin with but their story is one of healing, trust and love.

I absolutely loved Keegan! She is sassy and unique. She is obsessed with the Zombie Apocalypse and hoards supplies that will further her survival when attacked by zombies. She even tries to steal supplies from the hospital! There is not one thing I did not love about this character.

While I loved Keegan’s character, Adrian took me a little while to warm up to. He definitely has ADHD and is super impulsive. He often acts like a toddler and gets into trouble all the time. It was interesting to see him grow through the book and his relationship with Keegan. He is becomes really likable, and admittedly, has to be a little off to go for Keegan. They say it best, that their crazies compliment each other.

There is another thing I really loved about this book. I loved that Keegan and Adrian’s story was unfolding at the same time as Shy and Kade’s story. These books can be read as standalones but this one was way more enjoyable because I knew what Sky and Kade were going through. The story is by no means focused on these two, but they are in the background.  Shy’s advice to Keegan is the best because you know what Shy went through and that her advice was from experience.

If you can’t tell already, I highly recommend this book. It felt like a fresh, new plot line, was well written, and takes the reader on an emotional rollercoaster at times. I am anxiously waiting (and hoping) for Ryder’s story (hint, hint).




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