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DL Kelly

   Chris Roscoe, son of a policeman, was a corpsman in the Army. After his tour of duty in Vietnam, he went to college to get a nursing degree so he could continue to help the sick and injured. Along the way he met Alexandra Walton, a beautiful rich girl. They were classmates and friendly acquaintances, but after class was over, they went their separate ways…until years later when Alex was injured in an accident and admitted to the hospital where Chris worked.

They rekindled the friendship; only this time they fell in love.

After marriage and a daughter, Chris discovered things that he never knew about his wife. Although he loved and cherished her, gave her a great life and everything she wanted, he found out that it wasn’t enough.  She wanted something more that he could never give her.

Alex wanted to get high. Over the years she experimented with alcohol, but discovered that prescription drugs would give her the feelings of fulfillment and well-being that Chris couldn’t provide.

When she passed out, at home with their baby daughter, Alex was busted.  She promised over and over that she’d become clean and sober, but it wasn’t easy for her.  Chris found that despite Alex’s obsession with the drugs, he loved her and wasn’t able to let her go. She was his obsession.  Until death do them part.


KODAK Digital Still Camera

D.L. Kelly is retired after working almost forty years

as an R.N., and has begun her second career as an author.

She lives in Latrobe, Pennsylvania,

with her husband Bob and two Canine Americans, Nellie and Jenny.

She enjoys reading, writing,

gardening, cooking and painting pictures on walls.

Previous book: My French Vanilla

Hoping to publish book #3 this summer, a YA mystery/romance. Sending to editor next week.

Also contributed a short story in two YA anthologies:

              Miraculous: Tales of the Unknown   and      My Life Would Suck without You


WordPress blog  http://donnak722.wordpress.com

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