SOMETHING WICKED by Teresa Mummert Review! @TeresaMummert


Gabby plays a very dangerous game…
Drake is eager to teach her the rules.

Gabby wants nothing more than to be an author, but she is stuck working for a magazine that she despises. When she is tasked to interview an actor at a movie premiere, she reluctantly sets off to do her job. Drake doesn’t make it easy for her and she lets her frustration get the best of her. She is soon thrown into his world and in over her head.





MY REVIEW♥ by Colleen


        Yes. There it is again. The reason I ADORE Teresa Mummert. The woman has lady balls. She writes what she wants and to hell with the naysayers. I like her style, her characters, her words. Something Wicked is filled with heat, a strong female lead and a cocky, hot male who doesn’t give a d*mn what people say. Really, how could you go wrong?

        Good character development, a quick moving plot, and plenty of sexiness make this a perfect book to grab for the beach. Keep the awesome books coming, Teresa!


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