THEM by Carey Heywood Review!!! @Careylolo


First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes…

As Will and Sarah Price settle into being Mr & Mrs, they meet a stumbling block neither of them anticipated. All of their friends are starting families of their own, but not them, and not for lack of trying.

For them, their dreams of a happily ever after always included a baby. While Sarah struggles with the fear that her love isn’t enough, Will worries that she gave up too much for him. Neither know what to expect when they’re not expecting.

Together, they’ll learn that there is more than one way to build a family.



MY REVIEW♥ by Dina


I was so excited when I heard Carey was writing “Them”.  After reading “Him” and “Her”, there totally needed to be “Them”.  And this book did not disappoint!

Picking up a few years after Will and Sarah get married, it explores their life as a married couple and what is next on the horizon for them.  I love the way Carey writes her characters, I truly felt Will and Sarah could be my neighbors and friends, with my son playing lacrosse with Logan. I truly feel Sarah and I would be besties!

I was a little worried about the story line being predictable and typical, but it was anything but.  Carey takes us on a whirlwind ride and I loved every minute of it.  I laughed, a lot, and cried, a little… well, actually sobbed!!!  But it is definitely the prefect ending to the perfect story of Will and Sarah Price.


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