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STEALING ROSE (The Fowler Sisters #2) by
Monica Murphy
Adult Contemporary Romance
Release Date: 3/3/15



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People say the youngest child has it easy, but
nothing can be further from the truth. Unlike my two sisters, Violet and Lily,
I’m never in the limelight. I just work my butt off for Fleur Cosmetics and get
little to no thanks for it. I’ve been pushed too far one too many times, and
I’m finally brave enough to do something about it.
Maybe my newfound courage has something to do
with the amazing pink and white diamond necklace I wear to the party in Cannes.
The instant those dazzling heirloom jewels touch my skin, they excite some
deep, aching need inside. And when that guy—that totally gorgeous guy—locks
eyes with me, I know this nice girl is going to be naughty.

For once it’s my turn. My turn to say no to my
father, to outshine my sisters, to walk away from it all—straight into the arms
of a mysterious stranger. But what if Caden is much more than I bargained for?
Sure, he makes me feel sexy and free in a way I never have before, but there’s
something else I can’t quite place—something dangerous. Maybe our “chance”
meeting wasn’t so random. Maybe he was looking for me for a reason. Whatever
his motive, there’s no going back now.

And maybe I don’t want to.



Tonight is open game. The security is loose. The jewels are large and everywhere. The owners of said jewels are careless. More intent on showing off than protecting them, which is fine by me. I’m like a kid in a candy store—I don’t know which way to turn, what to check out next. I want to sample it all, take it all, too, but I need to be discreet. Particular. I need to make the most of this visit and choose the pieces that’ll take us the furthest.


Like the Poppy Necklace curled around Rose Fowler’s beautiful neck. I want it. So does my contact, an old client I haven’t worked for since forever. I’ve been warned off this guy, but the payout is too large to resist. My fingers literally itch to snatch the necklace off Rose’s neck. But how? It’s not a subtle piece and this won’t be easy.


But I love a good challenge. I’ve kept my eye on her from the moment I spotted her at the party. Always staying in the background, calculating every which way I could get the necklace from her.


Then I go and make the biggest mistake of all—becoming heroic and telling that piece of Eurotrash to get his paws off her. I’d been tempted to kick his ass but Rose had stopped me, thank Christ. I don’t know what the hell got into me.


Fine. I know. Seeing the marks on her skin from his slimy fingers pissed me off. I don’t know her, don’t care to know her, but I get all caveman and ready to defend her honor? Makes no sense. She’s pretty, yeah. Sexy as hell in that damn dress, her long, hot-as-fuck legs on blatant display and fueling my imagination.


Which I have no business fueling. I’m here for one purpose—and sex isn’t it.


So I ignored the look we shared when I caught her staring at me from across the room. I broke eye contact first, turning away from her and stepping up to the bar so I could order us two glasses of Champagne. I then made my way across the room, ignoring everyone, not making eye contact. I don’t want a single person to remember me tonight.


The Crossover Appeal of the Fowler Sisters

I’m known for writing new adult romance, and I’m okay with that. In fact, I love it because I swear, I have the most fun writing when I’m immersed in a new adult themed world.


But I have to admit that with my new series The Fowler Sisters…(including OWNING VIOLET and my newest release STEALING ROSE), it’s not like my typical new adult. I’d go so far as to not really call it new adult at all. More like the series is contemporary erotic romance.


Let me explain my thoughts. Whereas the ONE WEEK GIRLFRIEND series is full of angst and secrets, much like The Fowler Sisters, the setting for the OWG series revolved around a college town, college students, characters who are just on the cusp of adulthood and trying to figure out what they’re going to do with their lives.


With The Fowler Sisters, all three of them know exactly what they should be doing with their life, and that’s working for Fleur Cosmetics, the family-owned company run by their father and created by their grandmother. At least, that’s how it appears on the surface. Violet works at Fleur and knows that someday, she will be running Fleur.


Rose, on the other hand, is confused. She’s not sure she wants to remain working at Fleur. She doesn’t understand her place in the family at all, beyond being the baby sister and the one everyone bosses around. Plus, she doesn’t approve of the choices her father is making so she runs away to London to spend time with Violet. And where she ends up meeting the mysterious Caden.


The oldest Fowler sister, Lily, is a hot mess who doesn’t care about the family company. Most think she doesn’t care much about anything beyond partying and making a scene. But there’s more to Lily than meets the eye…and hopefully you’ll want to read her story when TAMING LILY comes out July 7th.


So what is the appeal for my new adult readers to read The Fowler Sisters books? Well, they’re full of angst. Secrets. Lies. Sexual tension. More secrets and more lies. Oh, and plenty more angst. Plus very sexy heroes who might set your fingers on fire as you read about them…


I hope you give The Fowler Sisters series a chance by picking up both OWNING VIOLET and STEALING ROSE!

The Fowler Sisters




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Coming July 7, 2015!


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About Monica Murphy

New York Times, USA Today and international bestselling
author Monica Murphy is a native Californian who lives in the foothills below
Yosemite with her husband and three children. She’s a workaholic who loves her
job. When she’s not busy writing, she also loves to read and travel with her
family. She writes new adult and contemporary romance and is published with
Bantam and Avon.


She also writes romance as USA Today bestselling author Karen




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