UNRAVELED BY HIM by Wendy Leigh Review



Unraveled by Him embraces the sensuality of Sylvia Day’s Crossfire series and

sweeping ​mystery and twisty ​nail-biting ​suspense. The first in a spellbinding trilogy that entwines, love, hate, romance, jealousy, lust and a white hot sexual adventure.

This erotically charged roller coaster debut by New York Times bestselling author

Wendy Leigh, introduces us to Miranda, a free-spirited celebrity ghost writer who gets

swept up into a dark world of passion and glamour​ when she meets notorious billionaire Robert Hartwell,​ an irresistible dominant older man.

After sparks  fly between Robert and Miranda, he enables her to live out her wildest

dreams of sexual submission, and she, in turn, inflames his dominance in every aspect.

Although both of them are haunted by their past demons, they embark on a love affair

that is part romance, part sexual exploration, and utterly addictive.

A truly riveting trilogy that entwines mystery, suspense and erotica and which breaks romance world boundaries like never before, fans of Lisa Renee Jones’ Inside Out series will find themselves under the spell of the Unraveled series.​

♥MY REVIEW♥ by Colleen


        I was so excited to read Unraveled by Him that as soon as I got it I dove right in…then I stopped. I couldn’t get into the storyline so I figured I wasn’t in the right frame of mind to enjoy it. A week or so later, I picked it up again and muddled through. I have to say I was disappointed, unfortunately.

        I take pride in my reviews being  honest, so that is what I am going to be – completely honest. The story was disjointed and had not one ounce of believability. Yes, I understand that it is called FICTION for a reason, but this was crazy even for fiction. I love my erotica but honestly, there was nothing erotic about Miranda having to slurp champagne out of a bowl on her hands and knees or be beaten by a woman she hates just to pass tests. The characters were cold and detached. I felt absolutely zero chemistry between Robert and Miranda, nor did I believe that they really love one another.

        The only part of the book that really intrigued me was the cliffhanger ending. It is what pulled the rating from a one star to a two star.

        I always feel bad when I have to give a bad review, but this book just didn’t do it for me. Maybe it is another person’s cup of tea, but unfortunately, not mine.


2 thoughts on “UNRAVELED BY HIM by Wendy Leigh Review

  1. Thank you so much for your honest review, Colleen. I understand how you felt about Robert and Miranda’s relationship at this early stage, but my intention was to portray the slow build-up of their relationship, given how damaged they both are, and also because some dominants tend to be very severe and distant at the start, then show more affection as the relationship builds. By the end of the book, once Miranda has proved herself to Robert, their relationship finally flowers at last. And in the sequel, “Unraveled By Him’ it flowers into a fully-fledged romance in every sense of the word. Thanks again, though, for reviewing the book and for being so forthright about it, Colleen, Wendyxx

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