CUTTING DEEP by T.A. Anderson Synopsis, Review and Excerpt

cutting deep

Cutting Deep

T.A. Anderson


Setting off on her dream of culinary school, Ande finds herself knocked senseless by her incredibly sexy Chef Instructor, Daniel, who also happens to have the brains and heart to match.With her plan to keep herself from repeating history, she attempts to deny what could possibly break her. Ande finds out she is not the only one with a torrid past when a bright light is shed on Daniel’s former years.

When ghosts from her past find her in the middle of her trek through culinary school and an impending relationship with Daniel, her life takes a disastrous turn. She must find the strength to push through school alongside a man that drives her wild with lust, all while trying to figure out her relationship with a stranger from years before.With help from her friends, and a tad bit of alcohol, Ande navigates her way through the pitfalls of falling in love, being broken hearted and making lasting friendships.

An amusing love story filled with steamy sex, heartache, and surprises at every turn.

MY REVIEW (Neelam)


Oh the angst! This book’s main character, Ande, has so many problems with her life and such trouble with her relationships. If I were her I would curl up into a little ball and cry!

Ande decides to move on with her life (after divorcing her cheating husband) by attending a prestigious cooking school. There she meets a yummy chef, Chef Daniel, who pursues her but is harboring many secrets and can’t fully commit. Along with Chef Daniel is a woman who does not like his attention on Ande and therefore makes Ande’s life hell while attending the school. Ande has many mixed emotions especially when her ex enters the picture and he is a changed man. Ande has to decide which man she wants in her life.

Although Ande struggles, she still seems to take all her problems in stride. Reading this book felt like an emotional roller coaster. I was so anxiety ridden for much of it, but that did not stop me from continuing. I was obsessed with seeing how she would handle the next bad situation. I ended up reading this book in one day!

With the books MANY ups and downs, there were some comical moments. Ande is not a damsel in distress; she takes on life and everyone around her. She is funny, sarcastic and a survivor. I have to warn you, the ending is a frustrating “cliffhanger” but I look forward to reading the continuing story in book two, The Deepest Cut. In my opinion, the second book cannot come out fast enough.


Daniel was alluring in the kitchen. Moving so effortlessly, chopping ingredients and tossing hot food in a pan. I didn’t think he could get any sexier then he already was, but his abilities in the kitchen proved me wrong. I hoped one day I could look as good as him in the kitchen.

“To forgetting about the outside world.” He handed me a glass of wine and we clinked them together. I took a very unattractive gulp and continued watching him work.

 “Daniel, you’re incredible. I mean the way you move in the kitchen, you make it look so easy.” He smiled as he took a sip of his wine.

“Thank you, Ande. It wasn’t easy getting to this point, but I love what I do, so it was worth it.”

I found a spot to sit on the vast counter space, far enough away so I wouldn’t get burned by the hot pans. Daniel pulled a few large platters from the cupboards and set them down next to me. His hand brushed my bare leg as he pulled away to grab the pan brimming with food, making the ache in my stomach come back full force.

He placed the hot food on the furthest platter away from me, I’m sure not wanting to burn me. He grabbed the bowl of salad and slowly transferred it to the other platter, making sure to place all of the fresh sliced strawberries on top. He pulled the salad tongs from the platter, stopping abruptly when a strawberry fell from the back of the utensil, landing on my thigh. I reached for the strawberry as he grabbed my hand.

 “No, it was my fault. I’ll clean it up,” his voice took on a seductive edge as he caressed my knuckles with his thumb.

He moved closer to me, releasing my hand. He stood against the counter, pressed between my dangling legs. He grabbed my chin and brought my face close enough to his, so our noses were touching.

“Ande, I know we have a lot to talk about, but right now all I can think about is eating every morsel of this food, and I’m not planning on eating it off a plate.”



I reside in Sunny Southern California. I recently self published my first novel, Cutting Deep. I wrote this during a quarter life crisis, and never dreamed it would ever be finished or actually published.  I would say I have the worst sense of humor out of anyone I know, except my friends. I find things funny that others may find not so funny, but I cant help myself. I try to find the humor in everything in life.  I’m addicted to tattoo’s and I’m not sure I know one person in my massive family that does not have a tattoo. Crazy Right?

I will leave you with this quote “Either write something worth reading or do something worth writing” -Ben Franklin.

I truly believe that every person is capable of doing great things. If you told me a year ago I would be self publishing my first novel I would have slapped you and called you crazy. But that is the point. We never think we are capable until we do the unthinkable.
twitter username: TAAnderson_


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